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Special Events

An Afternoon with Professor Stuart Burgess
Engineering Design, University of Bristol.

From a new type of gear-box to deploy the solar mechanism on ENVISAT – the largest commercial satellite in the world – to a revolutionary bike chain that helped propel Team GB to Olympic gold in Rio, Professor Stuart Burgess has worked at the cutting edge of engineering design. His expertise is bio-inspired design, which as a Christian and convinced Creationsist, he sees as “learning to think God’s thoughts after him”.

Saturday 27th April 2019
@ Le Rondin School Hall

Hear Professor Stuart Burgess talk of

Inspiration from Creation
Session 1 @ 2pm

The uniqueness of man
Session 2 @ 4pm

Free Entry. Plenty of parking. Bookstall.

Come to one or both sessions.

Coffee, cake and chat between sessions.

Like what you hear? There is more…

Sunday 28th April @ La Villiaze Church

11am The goodness of God in creation
6pm The importance of a literal creation

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